A Living Memorial


A living memorial is a rare and special thing. The American Memorial Church in Chateau-Thierry, France, is just that. It is a beautiful edifice of stone and glass built in memory of the US soldiers and marines who were killed in the area in World War One. Yet it is also the home of an active congregation, a place where families have gathered for weekly worship since it’s opening in 1924; where the community joins for concerts and lectures; where all kinds of human needs are met; where the hurting find new life.

The church is located on the town square of Chateau-Thierry – steps from the Marne River and a short drive away from the battle site, Belleau Wood. The congregation is part of the United Reformed Church of France.

As the world prepares to commemorate the centennial of the First World War, the congregation of the American Memorial Church has developed plans for a significant restoration and related improvements. The project includes facilities for children and families, easier access for handicapped guests, a memorial garden with flexible space for outdoor concerts or quiet contemplation; new stained glass to restore several windows which were destroyed in World War Two, and an overall refurbishment of the beautiful Sanctuary.

Your gifts, added to those of the congregation and community, will help preserve both the memorial to those who sacrificed all in the fight for freedom, and the life-giving ministry of this vibrant family of faith.

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